Good to Great Neighborhoods

About the program

G2G MAP 2022
G2G KEY 2022

In April 2022, the Good to Great Neighborhood Program started in Area No. 23, which lies between Ecorse, Pelham, Wick and Monroe. Once done with Area No. 23, workers will head for Areas No. 26 and 27. No. 26 is bordered by Wick, Pelham, Goddard and Monroe; No. 27 is between Wick, Monroe, Kensington and Telegraph.

In 2021, G2G worked through the middle of Taylor, completing Area 21 (Wick, Ecorse, Beech and Telegraph); Area 22 (Wick, Ecorse, Telegraph and Monroe); Area 24 (Goddard, Brest, Allen and Jackson roads); and Area 25 (Goddard, Koths, Pardee and Telegraph roads). In addition, several dead end streets along Allen Road were also repaved. 

Residents will see adjustments in the program and Department of Public Works' efforts overall. DPW Director Ralph Richard discussed his vision during the State of the City Address in February. He discussed turning larger projects into regular daily tasks. Tree trimming will be moved in-house vs. being subcontracted out; street sweeping will be on a continual three-week rotation throughout the year; and new versatile equipment purchases will enable the department to multi-task more efficiently. 

 “The bottom line is that we want to offer the best service possible on a constant basis,” he said.