Tax Increment Finance Authority


TIFA meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Taylor City Hall in the Council Chamber at 6 p.m. or directly following the Downtown Development Authority meeting. Please check with the Clerk's Office or on the City calendar to confirm there is a meeting for the month. 

Term of Office

Board members are to hold their position for four years. Executive members are to hold their position for one year.


Tax increment Financing (TIF) is a procedure that allows municipalities to "capture" the additional, or incremental, taxes from property as it increases in value. The authority manages the TIFA district in the City of Taylor.

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Commissioner Title Term Expires
Angie Winton City Council Liaison End of council term
Donna Colley-Andrews Member 2/1/2026
Rich Todd Member 2/1/2026
Jaimey Roth Member 11/5/2023
Ron Moran CEO 2/1/2026
Rhonda Danaj Member 2/15/2026
Timothy Schramm Member 2/1/2026
Amy Jurecki Member 12/7/2025
Gerald Thomas Member 2/1/2026
Anthony LaDuca Member 11/5/2023
Eric Hall Member 6/5/2025