Boards & Commissions A-K

  1. Aging Commission

    The Aging Commission serves as an advisory board to the Mayor and the Director of the Department of Aging and shall address attention to the aged and / or handicapped citizens of the City of Taylor.

  2. Beautification Commission

    The Beautification Commission promotes the beautification and visual improvement of the City of Taylor.

  3. Board of Canvassers

    The Board of Canvassers is responsible for canvassing the votes cast within the county they serve.

  4. Board Of Ethics

    The Board of Ethics prescribes a standard of conduct for public officers and employees to promote public confidence in public servants, to preserve the integrity of City government and to establish clear disclosure requirements and standards of conduct for all public servants of the City of Taylor.

  5. Board of Review

    If it shall appear that any person or property has been wrongfully assessed or omitted from the roll, the Board of Review shall correct the roll in such a manner as it deems just.

  6. Construction Board of Appeals

    The Construction Board of Appeals establishes procedures necessary to administer the official duties related to construction code administration and enforcement.

  7. Cultural Arts Commission

    The Cultural Arts Commission enhances and enriches the quality of life through the advancement of cultural arts within the City of Taylor using public awareness and participation through artistic and cultural activities.

  8. Downtown Development Authority

    The Downtown Development Authority operates to halt property value deterioration, eliminate the causes of that deterioration, increase property tax valuation where possible in the business district of the City, and promote economic growth.

  9. Fire & Police Civil Service

    The Fire and Police Civil Service will prescribe, amend and enforce rules and regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of the Civil Service Act.

  10. General Employee's Retirement Board

    The General Employee's Retirement Board is vested with the authority and fiduciary responsibility for the administration, management and operation of the retirement system pursuant to collective bargaining agreements and applicable federal and state law.

  11. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission works to further the interest of people in all matters relating to the history of the City of Taylor.

  12. Housing Commission

    The Housing Commission is authorized to purchase, acquire, construct, maintain, operate, improve, extend and repair housing facilities in order to eliminate housing conditions which are detrimental to the public peace, health, safety, morals or welfare.