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December 21, 2022 11:30 AM

REPORT POTHOLES properly for best results

This is the pothole season. Taylor reminds its residents that it is important to know how to properly report potholes within City limits.
Residents should report potholes to either Wayne County or the City of Taylor, depending on where the pothole is located.

WAYNE COUNTY-MAINTAINED ROADS in Taylor are Allen, Ecorse, Eureka, Inkster, Northline, Pelham, Pennsylvania and Van Born. If you see a pothole on those roads, call 1-888-ROAD-CREW or report it on the Wayne County website (see link at bottom).

THE CITY OF TAYLOR maintains the great majority of all other streets in the community. The best way to report a pothole on a City street is by using an online form that is automatically sent to the Customer Service Center in City Hall. That form can be found by clicking on the iCare Taylor button on this website.

The form enables users to file service requests directly with the City. Once you file a pothole complaint, it goes instantly to City Hall, where personnel will work with the DPW to schedule maintenance work.

The City reminds residents that it does little good to "file" pothole complaints on social media. Instead, if you see a pothole on a county road, report it to Wayne County. If you see one on any other street, report it to the City of Taylor.
The City of Taylor and Wayne County are doing their best to repair roads on an ongoing basis. Your cooperation is a key part of that process.

Help us, help you!

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